We're gonna miss you! Let us tell you about it!

What's GEOFF gonna say?

I know if I were you right now, I'd be crazy nervous about uprooting my life. But you’re like the smartest person I know and if anybody could go the UK and rock it, you can. We’re for sure gonna miss you back here, but I hope you have a great time in London. I want to come visit at some point (next summer??), so prep me an air mattress.

And as always, thanks for vibing it and keeping it tight, if you need me, I’m on my mobile.

What about that DUNN guy?

You are by far the most hard working and dedicated person I know. This is an opportunity all of us have been just waiting for you to get. Because if anyone deserves it, it's you.

£ £ £ £ You handsome boy. £ £ £ £

Hopefully you aren't gone for good but who knows. I'm sure you'll receive even more opportunities that are even sweeter than this one bc you ALWAYS out here kILLIN' IT. But regardless, if money permits you'll catch me coming out there to visit after I finish school in December.

If you ever need a homie any one of us has your back for real. Will always be happy to hear from you. 💖



Yo best of luck and be sure to enjoy yourself in Angleland. It's sweet to see someone I went to uni with take big life opportunities so soon after graduating.

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My beautiful baby boy goin' to the big city. Heck, that shit's insane. Make us proud out there!

Just don't forget about us when you're the president of the Angles

Thanks for all your stuff btw 💋


Don Mullen sends his regards

Dearest Stanford,

You a boss. You a genius. You loyal. I appreciate you!

I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have graduated if it wasn't for your ass. You've come through for my butt so many times, and I hope I've been able to come through for your butt at least once along the way. You a fun guy to be around, and you make me giggle sometimes. You never shy away from a challenge it seems, which is a crazy good quality to have. That's why even though it's sad you're leaving the boys, I know you still gonna flourish in your new place of living/twerking.


P.S. Get a King size air mattress so all the dawgs can fit on it when we visit